Thursday, January 10, 2008

Another Happy Reader's Thoughts...

I received this from a reader named George, who lives in Meriden CT and found my books after an article was published in The Record Journal over the summer (2007)...


I have completed book one and am starting book two, The Prisoner. I am quite interested in the release date of book 3. When I finish each book I send it to a granddaughter in California.

Very entertaining and fun to read. Well done. I actually felt myself straining when the girls lost the ring and was quite relieved when they recovered it. I am definitely "in the story."

I hope your success with this series is beyond your dreams.


George B [Meriden, CT]

(I emailed George back and let him know that book 3 in the Denicalis Dragon Chronicles series ("Dragon's Tear")is expected to be released in the Spring (March/April) of 2008. Updates on this will be posted here and on my personal website,!)

Thank you, George, for your input on the series! I appreciate any and all feedback that I get, whether it's good or bad.

Keep on reading, because reading IS the doorway to the future!!

Regards, MJ

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