Thursday, January 10, 2008

Happy New Year!! Ready to Read??

Well, I've got good news! I've finally finished with the first draft of Dragon’s Tear and now am in the process of reading through it a final time in an attempt to make it error free!!! I'm hoping to submit it to my publisher this coming Monday. Hopefully, things will move smoothly with the production process and it will be live by the end of March!

I love how Dragon’s Tear has turned out … I definitely think my writing is improving the further I get into the series!

This book is set up a lot like book two, The Prisoner, where there are chapters within sections. I’m planning on starting book four soon, probably by the end of January, in hopes of having it out for Thanksgiving this year!

The series is heating up as the children move farther east… will they succeed in finding the final amulet? They’ve found two but there’s still one missing. And if they find it, will they return it to the dragons? Before they get to that point, however, they must first face one of the two evils that lurk in the world of Euqinom!

On that note, enjoy your week and make sure you take the time to tell those close to you how much you love them… and of course, read read read!!

Happy reading and Happy New Year!


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